Financial Literacy

Help Us End Financial Illiteracy!

Purpose: IFG is dedicated to ending financial illiteracy
Process: Series of free workshops at organizations
Payoff: Attendees, sponsors, and presenters all benefit

Having a solid financial education is paramount in any long term plan, with or without an advisor. It is a topic that is vitally important to families, but not taught in school. As a community service, Integrity Financial Group offers its own “Financial Literacy” workshops free of charge to businesses and organizations of all sizes.  Our 10-step seminar series includes the following topics:

  • Three Kinds of Money
  • Retirement: Are You Ready?
  • College Planning Essentials
  • Qualified Plans and You
  • Cash Flow Philosophy
  • Mortgage Myths and Mastery
  • Club vs. Swing Philosophy
  • Reducing Your Tax Liability
  • Becoming Your Own Bank
  • Insurance Crash Course

Absolutely no selling whatsoever takes place at these workshops and each family is offered the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 consultation to follow up on the lessons learned, if they so choose.


The attendees, sponsor, and presenter all benefit.

  • The attendees get on track to achieve their financial goals. This results in better morale and appreciation for the sponsor.
  • The presenter gets the benefits of helping others and establishes new relationships and produces positive public relations upon delivery of a good workshop.

For a sample or to ask questions, please call or fill out the online contact form. A 10-15 minute personal interview is required with the sponsor to approve the lesson plans and organize the workshops.